Dr. Stephan Vesco | Attorney at Law

My special areas include administrative proceedings, the protection of fundamental rights, as well as immigration and residence law. I also have particular expertise in business and corporate law.

As a partner in the network.fair.data, I offer a wide range of services in the area of data protection law.

I focus entirely on the needs of my clients. Thus, I offer the full range of legal services in and beyond the mentioned areas.
In doing so, an understanding of economic contexts is just as essential as the willingness to familiarize oneself with other living and professional environments.

Dr. Stephan Vesco | Attorney at Law

Furthermore, the legal profession is obligated to social commitment. The Austrian guidelines for the practice of law include as basic principles:

Providing high quality advice to clients in all their public and private affairs

Defense of fundamental rights and advocacy for the preservation of freedom and peace under the rule of law

Exactly this, advising on the highest level as well as defending basic rights, describes the credo of my law firm.


You can reach me directly in my office +43 660 232 03 99 or via this contact form.


Free first consultation (via Zoom) and fair conditions.

I would be happy to discuss your case with you in a non-binding and free first meeting via Zoom-Videochat. In addition to the prospects of success of your case, we will also discuss possible fee models.
Of course, I also co-ordinate with legal insurance.
Details about my billing models