Civil Law

Do you have a dispute with your neighbor? 

Do you need support with tenancy law or for the purchase of real estate?

Do you want to carry out an order of execution or defend yourself against one?

Did you have an accident and demand compensation?

Are you in a dispute about inheritance?


I will be very happy to advise you and seek out-of-court solutions for you. Often a letter from me with the word „attorney“ on the letterhead can already make a difference. If the other party does not agree to your demands, I will gladly sue for your claims and – if necessary – also carry out the attachment proceedings for you.

I regularly advise and represent clients in tenancy law and in cases of neighbor disputes. I am also happy to support you in the purchase of real estate. I will draw up the contract, take care of the calculation and payment of taxes and fees and carry out the registration on the land register for you.

Legal support is of particular importance when buying real estate:
(only available in German)

Legal support after car accidents also falls within my expertise. In these regards, I will assist you with the calculation of damages. With all the necessary applications for evidence, I tackle the procedural enforcement of the claim for damages.

Another focus of my legal practice is the law of succession. I advise you with regard to various instruments of asset transfer and assist you in the drafting of wills. I am also happy to represent you in enforcing your claims under inheritance law.

An overview of inheritance law and the various forms of probates (will/testament, contract of inheritance, bequest, etc.) can be found here: