Immigration Law

Do you need asylum, a visa, a Red-White-Red Card or want to apply for the Austrian citizenship?

Have you already done so and have you been waiting far too long for the completion?

Or did you receive a negative decision? 

Have you been threatened with expulsion?

I have a particularly strong foothold in this area due to my training and my work with NGOs.

The unclear laws and practice of the authorities have unfortunately led to problems, time and time again. However, with respective legal expertise they can often be overcome.

I have already successfully facilitated the application for all residence titles and Red-White-Red cards. It is of particular importance to choose the appropriate application. I will be happy to advise you on this. With a precise examination of the facts, help can be provided even in situations that seem hopeless at first glance.

You can find a first overview of the different residence permits here (it is only available in German):
A good overview of Red-White-Red cards, on the other hand, can be found here:

Admittedly, these links only provide a first overview. Each case is different. Legal advice is therefore important. I assess whether all requirements for a red-white-red card are actually met. And I make sure that the right residence permit is chosen. This can save a lot of time in the further procedures.

I prepare and check the applications, including all documents, and assist you with legal statements. I will gladly take up the communication with the authorities for you, represent you there and in court. If necessary, I take legal action and initiate complaint proceedings.

I can support you with statements and complaints, and will gladly represent you
personally before the authorities and administrative courts. Often it is also worthwhile to appeal to the Constitutional Court or to the Supreme Administrative Court against negative court decisions.

It is also often worthwhile to appeal to the Constitutional Court or Administrative Court against negative court decisions. In fact, many court decisions, especially in the area of asylum, contain procedural errors. With the appropriate legal expertise, these can be successfully made valid. As a result, asylum or a residence permit can be successfully obtained. I have a particularly high success rate in this area.